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Andis T-outliner Trimmer: The Best Trimmer On The Market for Over 20 Years

Andis T-outliner Trimmer: The Best Trimmer On The Market for Over 20 Years

Jalin Rylander |

When it comes to professional trimmers, the T-outliner is one of the most highly respected and renowned trimmers on the market. Boasting over 20 years of performance and reliability, Andis T-outliner has been trusted by professional barbers for its precision and close-cutting capabilities longer than any other trimmer.

The T-outliner's blades are made of carbon steel, ensuring a clean cut with every use. Additionally, its high-torque magnetic motor provides more power than cordless trimmers, making it easy to cut through even the thickest hair. The included 8-foot electric cord also allows for more freedom of movement when cutting, making it a quality choice for the barber who prefers to work with less restriction but keep the power.

Overall, the Andis T-outliner is an excellent choice for any barber looking for a high-quality professional trimmer that can handle even the most challenging hair types. With its precision blade and high-speed magnetic motor, this trimmer makes trimming, cutting, fading, and its ability to achieve clean lines and precise cuts no matter what your styling needs may be.

Andis T-Outliner trimmer Housing:

The body of the T-Outliner is made from hard ABS plastic and has an attractive switch on the lower part of the body. It is a standard-sized trimmer at 5.5" and 0.70 lbs and is ergonomic enough to guarantee a comfortable grip when you start working with the sharp Andis T blade. The corded T-Outliner comes with an 8-feet long cord.

The Carbon T-blade:

The T-blade is also very good for details and getting in those hard-to-reach contoured areas. When you want to do some precision trimming, the Andis T-Outliner is a great tool to use.


The T shape of the blade makes it easy to do detailed work and get into those hard-to-reach areas. If you're looking for a precision trimmer, the Andis T Outliner Trimmer is a great choice.

Longevity of the Andis Outliner Magnetic Motor:

The T-Outliner is a trimmer that uses a magnetic motor. This type of motor is known for being durable and long-lasting. Andis claims that their T-Outliner will last for up to seven years with proper maintenance. While this may seem like a long time, it is not uncommon for Andis clippers to last even longer. There are many Andis T-Outliners that are still going strong after ten or more years of use. This stands as a testament for a barber to the longevity of the Andis Outliner.

Although The Andis T-outliner Trimmer Is the Best, It Does Have Its Flaws:

The T-Outliner is one of their most popular models. However, some weaknesses should be noted. First, the T-Outliner is a bit on the heavy side, which can make it difficult to use for extended periods. Despite these weaknesses, the T-Outliner remains a popular choice for many barbers due to its overall quality, performance, power, and longevity.

The Perfect Sidekick to a Master Clipper for Close Cutting & Superior Grooming:

When you zero gap your blade, you increase the cutting and outlining potential of your carbon blade trimmer. This is especially effective for dry shaving. Some have found using a GTX replacement carbon steel blade helps to further enhance the close cutting.



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