Custom Clippers: Why You Need Custom Tools As a Master Barber


One way to build your barber brand is to showcase your logo in places your customers will be sure to see it.

Obvious places such as your barbershop, on your smock, on your cape and when you post on Instagram & Facebook are pretty common.

However, the most important place for you to showcase your brand, or logo, is on every blade of every clipper and trimmer you use!

When a customer walks into a barbershop or salon, they don’t just want a haircut – they want an experience! And part of that experience is seeing a barber’s tools and knowledge that, they are using the best equipment possible.

That’s why it’s so important to have all of your clippers, trimmers, and blades be custom-branded with your logo, name, or any other design unique to you as a master barber.

Having a cohesive brand throughout your shop will help set you apart from your competitors and ultimately help attract more clientele.

Custom blades with your brand also gives the client a sense of security that they are going to get a quality haircut when they sit in your chair with all the custom clippers around them! And it gives them confidence that these are used by a master barber or stylist who cares deeply about their craft.

Custom clippers, custom trimmers, and custom blades are the best way to grow your brand all over town!

Custom clippers should not only look appealing, they need to perform well too. You want both yourself and your clients to have the best experience possible at all times… so having custom tools that perform is absolutely key!

There’s no doubt that custom clippers, trimmers, and blades are the way to go if you’re looking to grow your clientele, and ultimately as we say here at Barbernation… “Build Your Brand.

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