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BarberNation  |  SKU: tjet-ultra

BarberNation Heavy Duty TurboJet Ultra Air Pro - Matte Black

$189.99 $249.99

Introducing The: TurboJet Ultra Air Pro💈💨💨💨

This is our most powerful TurboJet. The Ultra Air is professional grade for the mobile barber who wants to cut hair anywhere but still have the power of an air compressor from the shop while being completely cordless.

You wont believe the amount of absolute raw power the Ultra Air will produce! You can even use it to dry your car in virtualy no time.

Ultra Air Specs: 

The Ultra Air Pro offers big power in an all metal body. Our large 52mm brushless motor will remove hair clippings from your clients with absolute ease. Select from a total of 4 speed settings.

  1. 20,000 RPMs (1hr runtime)
  2. 30,000 RPMs (45min runtime)
  3. 50,000 RPMs (14min runtime)
  4. 80,000 RPMs (10min runtime)

Upgrade Your Barber Service with the Ultra Air Pro:

Invest in the TurboJet Ultra Air Pro today and experience the power of superior airflow. Say goodbye to outdated cleaning methods and step into the future of barber innovation. Order your TurboJet Ultra Air Pro today!