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  • Full Coverage from Date of Purchase
  • 100% Parts and Labor Coverage
  • Does Not Include Accidental Damage
  • Does Not Include Normal Wear & Tear

Warranty FAQ:

Q. Is the BarberNation Warranty just an extension of the existing manufacturer’s warranty?

A. Because all products sold on BarberNation are highly modified & customized, the manufacturer's warranty becomes void. As such, BarberNation replaces the original manufacturer's 1yr warranty with our own 1yr warranty. 

Q. How am I covered?

A. Once your product is received & examined for a warranty claim and it is determined there is indeed a defect or other issue that would be covered under the original manufacturer's warranty, the BarberNation warranty will cover all required parts & repairs on your product.

Q. When does my warranty coverage start?

A. Coverage begins on the original date of purchase as shown on your BarberNation invoice.

Q. Can I transfer the BarberNation warranty to a new owner?

A. Yes! BarberNation Warranties are transferable between owners.

Q. Is my product covered if it’s stolen or if I lose it?

A. Unfortunately the BarberNation Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products.

Q. Is there a deductible?

A. There is no deductible for the BarberNation Warranty. We will cover all parts and labor costs.

Q. What happens if my product breaks?

A. You can contact BarberNation directly to file a claim in three ways:

  • Online at and click the “Contact Us” link in the footer

  • Via email at

  • Call in toll free at 877-777-3669

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.